Transplant Center

Xenotransplant Trial

Thank you for your interest in xenotransplantation through Mass General Transplant Center.

If you or your patient are considering participation in future xenotransplant clinical trials upon FDA approval, please complete this questionnaire to the best of your knowledge. Completing this e-questionnaire and providing contact details, including email addresses, will help in future recruitment and eligibility determination. All information provided in this questionnaire is strictly confidential.

It's important to note that completing this questionnaire does not guarantee eligibility or participation in future trials. The information you provide will be used to keep you informed of updates and potential opportunities, but we cannot ensure that a trial will be available for recruitment.

Privacy Considerations
While we take precautions to safeguard your privacy, it's important to note that using this internet-accessed questionnaire carries some privacy risks. We strive to minimize these risks, but there is a slight possibility of privacy loss.